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    Hi guys,

    I see Twitter share button (i.e. in the bottom of a single post) takes site name as account name (i.e “… via @Osservatorio dei Trasporti Trasnfrontalieri”).

    I must change it in @cafiweb (my authority’s name), where can I perform the change?

    If it’s impossibile at this time, I’d need to erase your “share button” embedded tool in order to install another plugin (i.e. share this, simple share button, etc.), can I simply overwrite CSS class in theme option box? How?

    Thanks a lot for your very very kind support,

    best regards!

    November 9, 2012 at 8:27 pm #259


    Thanks for your compliments but I must apologize for answering so late 🙂

    Anyways, You can totally control how the features works. Options:

    1. The theme options panel contains some options to switch off the share buttons one by one. Check under Page Settings -> Show Share Buttons on Single Posts.

    The code that generates the buttons is located in lib/functions/theme-functions.php line 300
    You can hack away at the code as you see fit.

    You can also modify t he css as needed. check out the css code at style.css line 2430

    2. Use a third part plugin. Simply disable the button in the options mentioned above and activate your plugin. I haven’t tested with any third part plugin soo I can’t predict what will happen but I hope all goes well.

    There are several hooks available that you can se to eject code into the page. for instance the default buttons use the “radium_after_post_content” hooks

    Good luck.

    Franklin Gitonga Lead Developer.

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