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    On my site here http://www.loubani.com/twistfox2/privacy-policy/ in Firefox the top header where it should be (and is) orange in Chrome is just white. Any idea what could be causing that?

    Also when I add an image to the slider as well as a background where should I expect to see an image? I don’t see one come up anywhere just the text I add as custom text.

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    Sorry to reply to my own thread but I fixed the first thing by just making sure to set the gradient in the theme options as it wasn’t picking up the one that was in the stylesheet like Chrome was. No worries, simple fix 🙂

    Still if you have a little help on the slider that would be great even if you can release what the settings were for the demo one that would be a huge help. Thanks again for a great theme!

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    I like your design there 🙂

    Here are a few screenshots I’ve made for you that I hope will help setup the slider.

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    Franklin Gitonga Lead Developer.

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    thanks frank 🙂

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